Company overview


Develop and provide Halal vaccines and biopharmaceuticals to Saudi Arabia, MENA and the Islamic world


Manufacture high quality and affordable vaccines and biopharmaceuti-cals localized in Saudi Arabia by Saudis for the national self-sufficiency and pandemic preparedness.

Business Strategy

SaudiVax intends to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of vac-cines and biopharmaceuticals in KSA, the GCC area and ultimately in the OIC. SaudiVax is specifically focusing on the special medical needs of these areas.

SaudiVax is a partner of PnuVax, an internationally known Canadian vaccine and therapeutic antibody company

SaudiVax will be a vaccine and biopharmaceuticals manufacturing and sales business producing Finished Dosage Formulations (sterile small injectable), and active biological ingredients of Biopharmaceutical Products, and Vaccines of importance to our territories