MERCK| December 2020

SaudiVax and MERCK signed with Industrial Clusters a feasibility study on localizing advanced biologics manufacturing

Boehringer Ingelheim | March 2022

SaudiVax and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Veterinary

SONA Nanotech | June 2020

SaudiVax and SONA Nanotech signed a contract research agreement and a manufacturing agreement for a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic

FDB | Sep 2020

After development with FDB, SaudiVax received filled vials of the formulated novel monoclonal antibody (Demo Material Run).

Merck| March 2020

SaudiVax, Merck signed contract for biomanufacturing localization project in the Kingdom

MERCK (MSD) | April 2020

SaudiVax and MERCK (MSD) signed a collaborative research agreement for early drug discovery and exploratory research on corona viruses

KAU | March 2020

SaudiVax and King Abdulaziz University signed vaccine and biotechnology research and development localization.

J&J | March 2020

SaudiVax and Johnson & Johnson signed MOU for technology transfer for biologics manufacturing.

NIBRT| Sep 2019

SaudiVax and NIBRT signed a contract for a specialized training program

FDB | December 2019

SaudiVax and FDB signed the first contract development and manufacturing project for a novel monoclonal antibody.

Voirx| Jan 2019

A strategic partnership was signed between SaudiVax and Voirx to develop and localize cellular and gene therapies in KSA
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Pangen| April 2019

SaudiVax and Pangen signed an agreement to localize, sell, distribute, and produce 3 biosimilars in Saudi Arabia

RPDC (TAQNIA) | December 2018

SaudiVax and RPDC (TAQNIA) signed on development of monoclonal antibody for infectious agents from patent to product.

Cytiva| December 2018

SaudiVax and GE (Cytiva) signed a contract for manufacturing and installation of bioprocessing equipment in Saudi Arabia