Our Services

Consultancy & Support for Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies

Startup Companies

Small & Medium Companies

International Companies Seeking Lecoregional Presence

Developing Novel Vaccine & Therapeutics

Vaccine & Biologic Manufacturing

SaudiVax can conduct research and development studies throughout drug discovery journey.

The capacity for full process GMP manufacturing of drug products in a fully certified SFDA GMP facility including upstream, downstream, fill and finish.

Sales & Distribution for Pharmaceuticals

Development & Manufacturing Innovative Diagnostics

We are generally responsible for handling, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

SaudiVax is experienced in clinical evaluation, manufacturing of diagnostic kits according to SFDA regulations.

Biopharmaceutical Analytics & Quality Testing

Training in Biotechnology & Biologic

Highly Equipped Quality Control laboratory specialized in protein characterization, Bioassays, Batch release testing, and stability testing.

Highly experienced local and international experts conducting training courses personally, and virtually.