Industrial Biomanufacturing Training Program

We are honored to present our Industrial Biomanufacturing
Training Program in collaboration with King Abdulaziz
University.Training location
King Fahd Medical Research Center
King Abdulaziz University


The Training program is led by SaudiVax in partnership with KAU and supported by international industry partners. It consists of 8 courses each one including a series of lectures all in English language. The training courses will cover a variety of topics associated with the discovery, development, characterization, and manufacturing of biologics as human therapeutics, focusing on vaccines and recombinant therapeutic proteins. The training will provide in-depth coverage and hands-on training on the technologies and bioprocesses associated with biologics production, governed by local & international regulatory considerations, and good manufacturing practices (GMP). The expected duration to complete the full program is 3 months.   


Expected outcomes of the program 

  • Provide trainees with the scientific knowledge and experience in the fields of biopharmaceutical discovery and development needed for careers in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, research institutes, or regulatory authorities.
  • Supporting the development and nationalization of the pharmaceutical sector in accordance with the SaudiVision 2030 and supporting the national transformation program.
  • Explore and encourage participants to develop the competencies and key skills to be employed in technical managerial roles within the growing biopharmaceutical industries.
  • Meet the necessities in the scientific and administrative skills that are required to work in the pharmaceutical sector.