About us

Message from CEO

There is a great, unmet need for vaccines that help protect against

infectious disease in both developed and developing countries.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to focus on vaccines that protect

against diseases in categories such as travel. Addressing these needs

was the inspiration for the creation of SaudiVax.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) markets have a unique

combination of public health needs. These needs, a lack of local

manufacturing, and recent vaccine shortfalls demonstrate a need for a

new Halal compliant solution.

Saudi Arabia has special responsibilities relating to the 11 million

pilgrims that enter the country each year. There are regulations

requiring immunization with vaccines for Meningitis and Yellow Fever

and there are a multitude of public health risks that must be prepared

for and dealt with. In addition, KSA has a relatively high birth rate,

and it is extremely important to have supply security for the specific

vaccine needs neonatal infants.