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Is to Develop and Manufacture Halal vaccines and biopharmaceuticals to Saudi Arabia, MENA and the Islamic world.


Manufacture high quality and affordable vaccines and biopharmaceuticals localized in Saudi Arabia by Saudis for the national self-sufficiency and pandemic preparedness.

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SaudiVax is a partner of PnuVax, an internationally known US based vaccine and therapeutic antibody company.

SaudiVax is a biotechnology company that is focused on the development of vaccines and biologics. SaudiVax is also supporting the business of vaccines and biologics manufacturing producing Finished Dosage Formulations (sterile small injectable), and active biological ingredients of Biopharmaceutical Products, and Vaccines of importance to our territory. 

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SaudiVax intends to be the premier developer, manufacturer, and supplier of vaccines and biologics in KSA, the GCC area and ultimately in the OIC. SaudiVax is specifically focused on the unmet medical demands of our region.

SaudiVax is keen in building the biotechnology ecosystem in the Kingdom and be part of the added value supporting the attractiveness of local and international investments in biotechnology for the region 

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